China IIT-Reform 2022 - "A hot topic for expats"

China IIT-Reform 2022 - "A hot topic for expats"


As China’s central government decided two years ago to end the tax-free status (IIT Individual Income Tax) for rent, tuition, and other “benefits in kind” for foreign residents at the end of 2021, this became a „hot topic“ for expats in China.

Last week (15.07.2021) members and guests of "MITTELSTAND INTERNATIONAL Shanghai" attended an interesting presentation addressing exactly this issue.


IIT CN Kopie


Mr. Edmund CAO (Tax Manager/Senior Consultant at ECOVIS Ruide, Shanghai) gave in-depth insights and examples on the IIT-reform, the changes, and the possible impacts for expats starting in 2022. As always at "get-together events", the members and guests of Mittelstand International Shanghai had the opportunity to address individual questions to the speaker. After the lecture, there were also many opportunities for networking.

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Dirk Müller
VBU-Partner in Shanghai


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